These photos are our solar panels

being installed on a ground mount array.

We also have a battery back-up system.


Wright-Way Solar Technology out of Tyler, TX are the ones doing all the work.Call Rudy @ (903)352-0298 for a quote.Check out their website at www.wright-way.com




The team arrived on Thursday, June 25, 2009 to set up and get ready to work.Since weíre 1 Ĺ hours from Tyler, they brought a camper and stayed in it until Saturday, June 27.



All of the supplies were in the back of the camper.They unloaded it all into the garage so that they could get all the beds down.


Early Friday morning they started putting in the poles to hold the solar array and digging the 330í trench to the battery storage in the garage.


You donít realize how far 330í is until you see Rodney trenching it.



Still trenching.



This is what the trench looked like from the house.


Sharon chilling on the porch.



Eddie watching James work on the battery back-up system.



Rudy and James getting ready to go under the house to lay the conduit to run the wires to the battery back-up panel and the Sunny Boy inverter.





There are a lot more lines now.



Enrique supervising the trench digging.


Early Saturday morning they put the conduit pipe running from the array to the house in the ground and covered it up.



This is the trench leading up to the garage and the Outback battery back-up system.


The trench covered at the end of the house.


Oncor had to put in a smart meter.


The trench from the array to the house all filled in.


The Outback battery back-up system before itís all wired up.


The Sunny Boy inverter was mounted in a closet.



The other side of the Sunny Boy mounting system.



Alfredo in the closet getting ready to set the pipe.



One pipe and connectors set, one to go.


The completed closet set up.



We decided to have the freezer, refrigerator, TV, a few lights and the cable box hooked up to the battery back-up.All of that had to be moved to the upper box.



The Sunny Boy inverter will be here.


This is the Sunny Boy inverter.



The Outback battery back-up system is hooked up and ready to be tested.



Three solar panels were temporarily set up to test the Outback system.


The three panels from the back.



Eddie chilling after 2 days of work.



The solar array legs were concreted in the ground.



This is what the solar array legs look like before braces and panels were mounted.



Itís hard to see the legs from here.This is also the trench before being filled in.


The following Friday, July 3rd, the team came back to put the braces and solar panels up.


This is from the end with Rodney and Randy working on lining up the arms.



Rodney, Randy, Rudy, Woody and James all working on the braces and arms.


It was a hot day, and there was no shade.


All the arms in place.



A close-up view of the arms and braces.



An end view of the arms and braces.


Rudy, Woody, Randy and Rodney getting the first solar panel ready to mount.



Lining everything up.


The first ones in place, the rest will be a breeze.


Two panels down 38 to go.



Two rows, 20 panels all mounted.



Finishing up the 20th one, getting ready for row three.



Two row view from the front.



Two row view from a side angle.



The view from the front porch.


After lunch, the team went to work on rows three and four.



Only two panels left, at least all the wiring will be done in the shade now.


Wiring the panels together.


Rudyís truck.


A full view of Rudyís truck.


All forty panels are on the array.



A side view of the completed solar array.



Rodney and Randy working hard.


James and Randy setting up the service panels at the solar array.


All forty panels being wired up.


The panels before cutting off the arms so itís all uniform.


A back view of the panels.


The sun is starting to go down, so thereís plenty of shade on this side of the solar array.


A picture after all the arms have been cut to make a beautiful and uniform system.


The service panel for the solar array.


The finished meter boxes on the end of the house.



The TXU smart meter measures the kwh we buy from them and the kwh we make.


The solar meter verifies what the TXU meter says.


The service panel for the Outback system in the house.



The Sunny Boy is up and running.


Rudy and his dad Woody.


Woody and Rudy after a long day.



Rudy and James getting serial numbers and doing paperwork.



Weíre thrilled to have the system up and running.


Oncor Inspector


Still Inspecting


Last item for inspection.






We wanted to give you and idea of how big the whole thing really is.


We received our rebate check from Oncor exactly 6 weeks after the system was inspected! Thanks to Oncor for their insight to help consumers with solar energy.


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